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Note-taking, tools and more!

Hi friends!

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The theme for this month’s Newsletter is Note-taking.

🧠Building a Second Brain

I was fortunate to attend an online course on Building a Second Brain, which is about organizing your ideas to support creative work and harnessing the full potential of your knowledge. As you can guess from the course title, it focuses on externalizing knowledge from your biological brain to an external system - your Second Brain. Below are some key takeaways from the course

Are you new to Note Taking and Personal Knowledge Management (PKM)?

📝Diigo - How To Improve Your Online Reading

One of the biggest gaps that I found in my Capture step of the 4-stage process of knowledge management (C.O.D.E) was consuming information from blogs and articles. I have been using Diigo, and it helps capture ideas and notes when reading online. Check out my recent article, 'How To Improve Your Online Reading - Why I Chose Diigo?' if you are interested to learn more.

📚Book Recommendations

  • How To Take Smart Notes
    Interested in leveling up your Note-Taking abilities?
    This book is the step-by-step guide for setting up and understanding the principle behind building a successful note-taking system.

  • Work Clean
    Looking to get organized with your life, work, and mind?
    This book borrows ideas from mise-en-place from the kitchen and applies its principles to organize your life.

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