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Building Habits, book recommendations, and more!

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💪Building Habits

We are a result of our habits!

Habits are the small decisions and actions that we make every day. It accounts for a major percentage of our behavior on any given day. Habits ultimately form everything that you are today.

Transform your life by transforming your habits.

Here are 4 key steps to help you with your habits.

  1. Identify - At the core of every habit is a loop that consists of three parts: a Cue, a Routine, and a Reward. The building or modifying a habit involves identifying the Cue and rewiring it to a new Routine.

    Awareness is the first step to change.

    Identify the place, time, people, etc., that can help trigger a new habit or triggers an existing one. Using existing habits is also a great trigger to build on new habits, often termed Habit Stacking.

  2. Commit - Going all in and making drastic changes is great but not always sustainable. Instead, start with an incredibly small habit - call it Atomic Habit or Mini Habit.

    Make it so easy, so you can't say NO.

    Want to run a 5k? Start running 1 km, Start running 1 min, Change to running gear, etc. Once you identify that smallest thing that you will not say no to, make it more specific and attach it to a trigger (below, I use time). Every Saturday at 6 am I will wear my running shoes and get out of my house.

  3. Track- To make a habit stick, a simple and effective way is to keep a Habit Tracker. Inspect and Adapt your mini habits as you make progress. If you find yourself slipping, go back to step 1 and identify the triggers and address them.

    Don't break the chain.

    Find ways to make yourself more accountable; Shout out on Social Media, mention it in your blog, find a friend are some great ways.

  1. Celebrate - Achieving the mini habit is a WIN, no matter how small it is. Give yourself time to enjoy and celebrate that win. Stack up such small wins and reward yourself.

    Success begets success.

    When starting small, track in percentages instead of numbers. Finishing a 3k is a 200% increase over 1k. That's a huge step and a big win.

Eating Healthy, Exercise, Blogging, Waking up Early, Reading, and Making Videos are some of the habits that I have formed following these techniques.

Become the better version of yourself.

✔Key Actions For You

Ready to start or change some of your habits?

  • List things you want to start or stop doing

  • Pick top 1 from the list (Start small)

  • Identify 'Mini Habits'

  • Let your friends and family know, track regularly, and celebrate!

📚Book Recommendations

  • The Power Of Habit
    Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business
    This book explains why habits exist and how to build them. The key to regular exercise, staying fit, eating healthy, staying happy is understanding how habits work. This book does a great job in distilling vast scientific information available around habits.

  • Superhuman By Habit
    A Guide to Becoming the Best Possible Version of Yourself, One Tiny Habit at a Time This book is an implementation guide for building new habits. It covers the core philosophies and principles around habit formation and how to implement them with real-life examples.

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